Today is July 31st, Nat's birthday!

Hello love! I decided to make a post on a website that I started, this post is specifically for you! Don't you feel special? : P IDK if this will sound like, amazing or anything, but yea--...

I do remember that originally, a little over 6 years ago, I initially fell in love with you because I saw a lot of myself in you. I too tried very hard to help my friends, to the point of stressing myself out endlessly. I wanted to support you, and keep that flame going strong. I was worried, since when we first started dating you noticed there was, a, erm... uh, well a suicide watch for you. I didn't want you to suffer anymore, so I'm sure I came off as very overbearing when we first started getting closer. Whenever you were hurt... it hurt me too, you know? But when you were happy, and when I could make you smile, it made me feel like I was super helpful for you. And I wanted to see you smile more and more as time went on. I wanted to be the one who made you smile endlessly, as often and as much as I could. (Continue to read past now then! I had no idea how to organize this post sorry HAHAHA)

Now then!

As the years have went on, I feel like I definitely made the right choice confessing to you that day. I worried that given how I was at the time, hoping to person to person after a few days, you might have been annoyed or something eventually, but we stayed strong for over 6 years! And now you're here, with me, after 6 years and some odd amount of months, and we still love each other so much! It's really amazing to be loved and to love in return. ^^

This is a bit silly, but I remember when you first came to my state, and we hugged really closely for the first time. I felt so blessed. I know that's a silly phrase, especially coming from me, when I'm not religious or anything... But it's true! I had never thought anyone would care enough about me to come see me, but there I was, in your arms, and I felt so safe. Our first kiss also felt so nice, my knees felt so weak! It's kind of embarrassing, but I wanted to tell you anyway. I love gushing about you, eheh... Um... Hmm. Sorry, I um, kinda lost track of what I was saying and stuff? Um. I just love you so much and I wanted to make like, a cute essay website thing for you. Is that a bit too much? I love you so much, though!

That's it I guess!

sorry I don't know what to say now so I just put this here lol.

The Red Velvet
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